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Criminal Injury Compensation

Have you been the victim of a violent crime? Have you suffered physical or emotional injury? 


You may be entitled to government compensation up to $25,000.

Our firm represent clients on Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims. If you have been the victim of a violent/assault offence such as assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, sexual assault, incest, robbery, home invasion, etc. then you may qualify for money from a government board set up to compensate victims. 

It is not necessary that a criminal charge was laid or anyone arrested in order to seek compensation. You may qualify even if the incident happened long ago. The usual time for applying is within two years of the crime but that period can be extended in many cases. Especially in the case of historical/childhood abuse the Board often extends the application time. As we operate these cases on a contingency fee basis it will cost you nothing to apply unless we get an award for you. 

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